Meet Ryan

Meet Ryan Fattman

Massachusetts must be a place that people are proud to call home; a place where people want to live, build a business, raise a family and spend their entire lives.

Ryan Fattman hasn’t been around Beacon Hill long, but he’s been around long enough to know Beacon Hill needs to change.

After serving two terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Ryan Fattman is running for the State Senate to bring Massachusetts in a new direction; away from the “Taxachusetts” mentality that drives people and jobs to other states, and toward a Massachusetts that is accountable to “ We the People.”

As a state representative for four years, Ryan has maintained a 100% voting attendance record, voting to keep taxes low to foster job creation, voting to reform public benefits like welfare and housing by requiring a valid social security number to gain access to public benefits, and voting to stop the federal takeover of the Massachusetts healthcare system (voted “no” on Massachusetts adopting “Obamacare.” )

As a former two term selectman in Sutton, Ryan has led the charge on Beacon Hill to ensure communities are well funded and that Massachusetts invests in local services like education.

Newly married to his high school sweetheart, Stephanie, Ryan wants Massachusetts to be affordable for all people and a safe state to raise a family.  As state Senator, this is exactly what Ryan will stand for: you.

Ryan and Stephanie reside in the town of Webster since their marriage in May 2013.







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